South Kensington Mommy Time


Hi Everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Courtney Ludeman and I am Chad’s wife and partner here at Postgreen Homes. I am also a mother of two young boys – Teague who is 2.5 and Ryker who will be 1 in a few weeks. Since moving to our new home in South Kensington last year, I have done a lot of research into raising children in this neighborhood (and Philly in general).

A little background info – South Kensington is the rapidly developing neighborhood located just to the west of Fishtown and to the north of Northern Liberties.  Nestled in between these two popular neighborhoods, South Kensington is naturally becoming the next place for home buyers to search. And happily the Postgreen Homes latest project, First Steel, is proud to be a part of this transforming community.

Norris Square Civic Association Children's Center

As our children are getting older, I have been researching the school options more closely whenever we are looking for a new location to live (Chad and I tend to move A LOT). I was very pleased with the options available in South Kensington – so much so that I could see us maintaining residence here for a long time. For pre-school, we are looking into the Norris Square Civic Association Children’s Center. This preschool program features Spanish immersion, where three days a week only Spanish is spoken (English is spoken the other two days) and the children are taught according to a pre-set curriculum. The kids get 45 minutes of outdoor play each day – either at the local Norris Square Park or at the covered playground on-site. Structured nap and meal times each day include homemade, nutritious meals provided by onsite chefs. There is a wait-list, but priority is given to those families who live in the neighborhood. I have taken a tour of the property and was very impressed with what I saw – the teachers seemed very loving and attentive, the children were well behaved, and everyone seemed to be learning and having a lot of fun! Additionally I have spoken to other mothers who have sent their children to Norris Square and have been extremely pleased with the results!

John Moffet Elementary School received a facelift, thanks to the new exterior mural and playground.

Elementary School is another thing that we moms and dads tend to stress about when deciding where to live. In Philly there are several options, including public schools, private schools and charter schools. We are lucky that across the street from First Steel is a good public elementary school option – John Moffet Elementary School. I found info about this school on The reviews from parents are almost completely positive, and the test scores are decent. I personally know a wonderful teacher that works there, as well as several local families who have sent their children and have been very happy. The school’s exterior recently received a facelift, thanks to a Mural Arts Program and The Philadelphia Eagles, who installed a brand new playground as part of their community service project. I have not yet visited the school, but am looking forward to doing so once Teague get’s closer to Kindergarden age. This is a public school, so there is obviously no cost to attend, but you do have to live in the catchment area to enroll (Front St to 4th, Girard to Diamond).

Obviously there are so many options for our children in the city, but these are just two good ones I found during my research. Has anyone out there had experience with either of these schools? Any other suggestions for local moms?

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