The Friday Five – October 23rd, 2015


It’s that time again. Friday. Here are the 5 articles we found most interesting and amusing this week.

Back to the Future – Real World Design Inspiration & Actual Hoverboards

via Dezeen & Dezeen

Given it’s officially the future this week according to “Back to the Future,” we had to include a post or two on them to get us started. Here are two interesting posts. One on how the film series has influenced real world design products of today and another on actual working hoverboards. The future is now.

Back to the Future

150 Weird Words That Only Architects Use

by Rory Stott via Arch Daily

Architect Speak. This is for all of our architect friends who have introduced us to their language over the past eight years. We love to poke fun, but it’s all in jest. Check out this comprehensive list of architect terminology and let us know your favorite terms. I’m quite partial to “materiality” myself.

Architect Speak Image

World’s Largest Crosss-Laminated Timber Apartment Complex

by Lloyd Alter via Treehugger

One building technology we keep our eyes on that seems to be gaining momentum is cross-laminated timber construction. It’s basically a sustainable alternative to steel and concrete structures for mid-rise buildings. Check out Lloyd’s article here to learn more and don’t blame us if you get sucked down the rabbit hole.

worlds largest cross laminated timber apartment

Prefabricated Floating House

via Dezeen

Normally, we don’t like to glorify prefab like most of the rest of the web, but this article combines prefab and floating house boats, which we’re a sucker for. On our wish list of development dreams is a fleet of AirBnB vacation floating house boats along the east coast. These guys can design and prefab one for you and ship it to your destination in a couple of shipping containers. How clever. We don’t know how much that would cost and didn’t research it yet in order to not ruin this dream. For this week at least.

Prefabricated floating house boat

Geometric Monsters for DIY Halloween Masks

by Christopher Jobson via Colossal

Next weekend is Halloween so we’re including one post on DIY design-y masks for you and your loved ones. Not sure we have the patience this year to try, but please let us know if you do…


DIY Geometric Halloween Masks

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