The Most Excellence Duplexcellence Event Recap


It’s not every Thursday night that you’ll see bike enthusiasts discussing the finer points of a good bar of soap while local artists analyze the rusting properties of corten steel. But Last Thursday at our Duplexellence II, not so typical open house that’s exactly what happened.

When you open your doors to anyone and everyone, offer free drinks, free food and get as many local artists, fixers, doers and makers all in one spot that’s apparently what happens. A hundred plus people came through the doors and toured the two newest, and yet still most rusted homes in South Kensington. A very intentional rust of course. We’d love to have an exact number of people but our door man eventually joined the party and we sort of lost count.

Can you blame him?

With so many people walking through and the homes in full party mode these two homes on a once quiet street have garnered a lot of interest. In fact one unit sold the next day!

We’d love to take credit here and say our parties can convince anyone to buy a home but really the thanks has to go to Adam Cantillio, our friend and event host extraordinaire who did all the planning and getting the word out.  We couldn’t have done it without him.

But his efforts were not just on our behalf. He was able to convince artists Julia Blaukopf and Glossblack, home goods makers Cuttalossa and Earth and Iron and a bike repair group Chains Addiction that an open house could be the coolest new venue to show off their products and get their brand out. We hope the event was a success for these folks as well. With candles from Cuttalossa passing hands and planters from Earth and Iron walking out of the door I’d say it was.

We felt bad that we’d be covering up Gloss Black’s amazing work up top when we build phase 2 of this project so we presented him with a more permanent gift to remember it by. In addition we are printing off three similar pieces (slightly smaller) on both metal and wood surfaces for the eight buyers of the units in this project so all will have a token of what is behind the corner units.

Now that the event is behind us showings have been continuing with impressive regularity. Keep in mind, although these homes are complete there is still a lot of customization via our website that can happen prior to move in. All that’s left for us on these homes is to sort through the options you’ll chose and set your home in order. And don’t worry the post party clean up has been finished (just about)  and these homes are back to pristine, move in ready state.

We know from experience there’s nothing like a house party to kickoff the completion of a project and get people excited. For that we owe our appreciation to everyone who came out and made Hope St. in South Kensington the spot to be on a Thursday Night. It was an enjoyable night for all and there’s no better feeling than to have so many people interested in the work we’ve done.

All photos by Stephen Sutter. Like the ones above? Check out more of his work below.


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