American Street Feast! Past: Creations at Meadows Art Park


The American Street Feast: A Celebration of Our Neighborhood is South Kensington’s first shot at a community meal collaboration.


The Street Feast is slated for the evening of Friday, September 9th. If you live in the Old/South Kensington neighborhoods, you’re invited! Dinner seating is limited (RSVP here), but all are welcome for dessert and the celebration on American Street.

The event itself will feature “neighbors and business owners, young and old, longstanding and recently arrived, along with neighborhood supporters to share in conversation and a family style meal that displays the culinary traditions and the creative talents of those who live and work in South/Old Kensington.”

The South Kensington Community Partners (SKCP) with event partners LISC, Spiral Q, and Philadelphia Photo Arts Center are hosting the event, and it’s sure to exceed expectations.

Want to submit a recipe? Click here to share your favorite dish to be used towards a collective neighborhood recipe book.

Below is an event we helped out at in preparation for the American Street Feast):

We’ll be at 1400 N American St tomorrow, Wednesday, August 24th, from 6:00pm to dusk helping out in preparation for the event. We’ll be working with community members, Spiral Q, Little Chair Printing, and Second State Press to sew napkins, print community “place” mats, and paint large event signs.


Come and say hi if you’re in the neighborhood and maybe put on a smock and grab a brush! Feel free to RSVP here or just show up. Kids are encouraged to participate!

Table Decorations

Tomorrow is officially the kick-off of  the Meadows Art Park Pop-up Park. It will feature weekly programming (on Wednesday’s) through November 30th ranging from concerts, open mic nights, film screenings, and pumpkin carving! Is there a better way to spend a Wednesday evening in South Kensington? That’s right, we didn’t think so either.




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