Updated Avant Garage Floorplans


First I want to thank all of you who commented on the first Avant Garage post. Your input is always greatly appreciated and I thought the comments on that post particularly good.

The project that will feature this new model is almost ready for unveiling. That means we will soon be able to share our facade concepts and site plans. It also means that you will soon be able to customize one for your very own. Unfortunately, that is still a few days off.

For now, I want to quickly revisit the floor plans. We have made a variety of changes and would love any feedback you care to offer.

The most noticeable change is the shift away from the split level on the top floor. The kitchen and living room still have a few stairs between them which we think creates a really interesting space, but now, with the top floor flattened out, the living room has a huge double-height space (break out the big artwork).With the right windows (info coming soon) this will create a beautifully open, light filled living/dining/cooking area.

The top floor has become a more recognizable Postgreen Homes bedroom level with the option of having 1-3 bedrooms. And, yes, for those of you who will inevitably ask, you can have a door on the master bedroom. Roof deck access isn’t shown here, but it will still come out of the master suite.

The garage level is roughly the same though we are showing a slightly different entrance. Right now the entrance from the street is intended to be some sort of gate and the true insulated door is just inside. ISA was also kind enough to add a bar where the backyard transitions to garage. You can use this for cooking, putting out snacks or best of all, mixing drinks for your local, friendly, green developers.

So, let us know what you think of the design changes. use the comments to approve, disapprove, suggest or scoff.


  1. mike eliason says:

    have you guys explored one sweet bathroom instead of two mini-baths for the upper level?

    when growing up in germany, the 5 of us shared a rocking bathroom which was more spacious and with nicer fixtures/windows than if it had been split into two.

    i know a lot of americans are reluctant to do this for some reason, but it does work – especially with younger kids.

  2. i would like to expand on mike eliason’s comment by adding that a single upper level bathroom might rock a little more with stackable energy star washer and dryer. with a good eye and a nice light toss, folded, clean laundry could land right back in the dresser drawer!

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  4. texas t says:

    that is a huge girl playing in the dirt…

  5. zengirl says:

    I agree about the bathroom — go with one larger one with pocket doors so both parties can access them on either side. Then, put a small powder room on first floor so that guests won’t be forced to walk upstairs and/or see the mess in the upstairs bathroom. :) BTW, I like the larger windows that seem to be in the pic — that would be one improvement that is really needed for 100K.

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