Video: History of Postgreen Homes – East Kensington


East Kensington was home to both our families and company during the first four years or so of this new business. It’s where we got our humble beginnings with the 100K House, our first project. Now that we’ve built a few projects in East Kensington, we’ve been wanting to go back and document them in creative ways. While our owner hosted dinner parties continues pushed aside due to coordination difficulties, shooting some new videos of the exteriors requires no calendars or scheduling apps.

We’re calling this video series the “History of Postgreen Homes” and plan to add more of these in the near future until we get up to date with everything we’ve developed to date. This first video captures our first four projects in East Kensington from angles and heights we’ve never even seen before. If you’ve never seen these projects in person and only through our very filtered media releases, this gives you more perspective into the context and neighborhood in which these projects were based. We hope you enjoy it half as much as we do.

Look out for future installments for Fishtown, South Kensington and Francisville projects. Have suggestions for shots in the future? That’s what the comments are for below. Be bold and leave those impatient apps for a minute and do some old fashioned blog commenting.

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