Welcome Brian Ledder to the Postgreen Homes Team


As the year wraps up, we’re proud this little 5 year old startup hit two big milestones in 2013. We turned our first official annual profit on the books (barely) and we brought on our first official paid employee outside of the original Courtney, Nic & Chad family. We’ve had a host of talented free interns over the years, but never a full time paid position.

Please join us in welcoming Brian Ledder to the Postgreen Homes crew. Brian graduated with a B.A. in Architecture from Temple University earlier this year, so he’s fresh and unjaded. After getting a bit of experience with construction and project management, Brian decided he didn’t want to follow the traditional architect path and sought out other options. We’re very pleased we were one of the non-traditional companies he reached out to a few months back. This is Brian to the right thinking deep about how to change The World with his new position at Postgreen Homes.

During his studies at Temple, Brian became very interested in sustainable construction and urban planning. Two things that are pretty core to our philosophy here. His Senior thesis was titled , “Adapting the Urban Ecosystem” and was a study of the effects of the urban landscape on its surrounding natural areas. He looked at area specific strategies to be implemented that would spread and positively impact a broader landscape surrounding it. Good stuff. He fits right in here.

Brian has been on for about a month now and has gotten his hands into everything from building out our new office, designing products, throwing last minute schematics together and permitting new projects downtown. We’re fortunate to have Brian join our team and to have quite the varied pool of applicants to pick from. We’re looking forward to Brian growing into his position and dumping more and more work on him. Do welcome him in the comments and look out for new blog posts from him soon.

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